Lowcountry Founders Club

Lowcountry Founders Club is a private membership community for startup founders dedicated to creating the first unicorn tech companies in Charleston, South Carolina, and the surrounding Lowcountry.

Charleston Founders
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Charleston, SC
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The homepage of the Lowcountry Founder Club which describes the private club and its mission.

The Challenge

Charleston, SC, is one of the greatest cities in the world for living a high-quality life and has attracted thousands of remote tech workers and founders as a result. ‍ In the startup world, there is no more significant geographical player than The Bay Area. The Lowcountry is as opposite from the Bay Area as two American regions can be, and in most respects, that is a good thing. We have beautiful colonial architecture, affordable housing, friendly people, moderate politics, and southern charm. There are many good reasons why people choose Charleston over San Francisco, but a thriving tech economy is not one of them. We believe Charleston should fulfill its potential as a tech hub. A hub takes off by having one hugely successful startup exit with many early employees. These employees earn significant equity, become rich upon exit, and have the experience to understand what it takes to create another success. They go on to start their own companies or become angel investors in the area. Thus, a hub is born. This story has not yet played out in the Lowcountry. In the wake of COVID-19, San Francisco is losing its monopoly grip on the startup world as companies are increasingly going remote. Most of the best tech workers in Charleston work remotely. This type of work is a godsend for efficiency and quality of life. It's terrible for building relationships and serendipity, which are two hugely important factors in building successful startups. ‍ We are an in-person pressure chamber for the top-tier of founder talent committed to building unicorn companies in the area. ‍ We are a support group, a business network, a sounding board, and trusted friends.